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BUDDHA PR is a sustainable communication company based in Vienna specialised in Personality PR, Business Consulting and Executive Coaching. It gives you everything you need for your personal branding, strategic management and holistic self-development.

Asim Aliloski is an Austrian bestselling author, wellness journalist, speaker, personal brand consultant and certified life & business coach. He has been coaching wonderful people around the world who are committed to personal transformation and life advancement. 

Asim has been exploring the potential of human consciousness and flow states for over a decade. In his work he combines eastern wisdom from Buddhism and Sufism, elements from ancient Greek philosophy with modern business leadership and neuro-energetic coaching.

The founder, Asim Aliloski, supports you with his consulting and coaching company as follows:

  • be charismatic and natural in the public eye and media
  • find your unique and authentic positioning
  • build up a healthy personal brand identity
  • pursue a creative and holistic strategy
  • expand your spiritual and energetic potentials


Get everything you need from one hand - the services of BUDDHA PR: 


This could be on your next agenda with us:

  • Mission --> Discover new visions and the passion of your calling
  • Positioning  --> Position yourself uniquely in the public eye and media
  • Public Communication --> Communicate soulful messages to your audience
  • Reputation --> Develop a healthy and authentic reputation
  • Identity --> Create an inspiring identity
  • Media Relations --> Prepare for your successful presence of the media
  • Personal Branding --> Be aware of your personal brand
  • Corporate Wording --> Find an unique communication
  • Content Management --> Know everything about your WWW appearance
  • Energetic & Mental Health --> Strengthen your energetic and spiritual potentials
  • Style & Image --> Find your best style in the public eye and media


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Asim Aliloski is an Austrian bestselling author, journalist, speaker, spiritual advisor as well as certified business and life coach working with leaders, creatives, millennials, gays, celebrities and high performers all over the world.


He started coaching at the age of 25 and has been exploring the power of intuition and spiritual consciousness for over a decade. The Greek-Macedonian born in Vienna combines in his work elements from ancient Greek philosophy with modern coaching and spiritual healing. His spiritual roots are grounded in Sufism. During a longer stay in Southeast Asia he came into contact with the eastern wisdom of Buddhism.


Asim helps people to find their life purpose and make it a success. He gives his clients deep insights into their spiritual identity and their power of consciousness in order to facilitate peak performances, exceptional success, best health and harmony in relationships. With his work, companies and organisations experience exponential results and natural flow.


Asim is an ICF credentialed Professional Coach with several diplomas in transformational coaching and a university degree in Economics educated in Vienna, London, Munich, Costa Rica and Bali. He gathered sound experience in leadership, psychology, spirituality, body therapy, personal development and communication. He has interviewed highly influential people and written several books helping readers to change their mind-set and raise their consciousness.



Please find more information about Asim on I +43 (0) 676 308 56 03 l Vienna, Austria





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